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The Caregiver’s purpose in life is to help others

This Brand Personality aims to make people feel secure or nurtured and is focused on generosity and compassion. Caregiver brands give entirely of themselves to make sure others are taken care of.

Your Desire

to care, protect and nuture

Your Goal

to help others

Your Strategy

do things for others

Your Motto

treat others the way you want to be treated

Your Fear

neglect, instability and ingratitude

Your Achilles Heel

martyrdom and being exploited

Brand Culture


Brand Voice


Brand Experience


The Caregiver Mood Board and Brand Voice

The Caregiver Brand Personality Archetype

Meet the Archetypes

Based on the concepts of 12 Personality Archetypes by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, we believe that in modern society these 12 Archetypes can be effectively utilised in branding a business, and give them attributes that can enhance or cement their message. These personalities are based on different motivations for the observer.