The Rebel's purpose in life is to shake up the status quo

The Rebel makes others uncomfortable with the status quo in hopes of evoking change, whether personally or for a greater community. The Rebel is a countercultural force capable of releasing society’s taboos (sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll anyone?) and does so by tapping into the shadowy part of human nature.

Your Desire

being revolutionary

Your Goal

to overturn what isn't working

Your Motto

rules are made to be broken

Your Strategy

shake things up

Your Fear

to be powerless or ineffectual

Your Achilles Heel

crossing over to the dark side, crime

I never lose. Either I win or I learn.

The Rebel archetype may be right for your brand identity if:

  • it has customers or employees who feel disenfranchised from society
  • it helps retain values that are threatened by emerging ones, or paves the way for revolutionary new attitudes
  • it is low to moderately priced
  • breaks with industry conventions
  • it is an agent of change, advocate for the disenfranchised, allowing people to vent or break with conventions.

Brand Culture

counter-cultural, encouraged to challenge the status quo

Brand Voice

will swear, speak blatantly without fear of reprimand

Brand Experience

liberating, challenging, exciting and rebellious

Rebel Archetype Examples

Harley Davidson

The only time a 40-year-old accountant is feared is when he rides into town on the back of a Harley!

As the most tattooed logo in the world, this brand bucks the status quo and offers its clients an opportunity to harness an alter ego that they otherwise would never experience.


Virgin is not a brand to adhere to the status quo.

Just the name Virgin is outlandish and rebelling against the boundaries of acceptability – keeping in mind that this would have been an incredibly rebellious name back in the 80’s. Always pushing the boundaries they have cemented themselves as the rebel airline that chooses to do things differently.

Legend has it that Branson and business partner Powell saw themselves as business virgins which lead to the name. Whether in banking, travel, entertainment, health and fitness or communications the Virgin brand has become one of the most disruptive brands with an insatiable curiosity to become early adopters of, well, pretty much everything!

Other Rebel Brands

Personal Brand Examples

Miley Cyrus
Malcolm X
Miley Cyrus
James Dean

The Rebel Brand Colours






Rebel Archetype Imagery

Meet the Archetypes

Based on the concepts of 12 Personality Archetypes by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, we believe that in modern society these 12 Archetypes can be effectively utilised in branding a business, and give them attributes that can enhance or cement their message. These personalities are based on different motivations for the observer.