Learn all you need to know about Brand Archetypes
and how to build a brand with personality.

We have a range of free and paid training for both branding specialists and business owners who want to learn more about using archetypes in their business.

• 30 days
• 84 archetypes
• 5 senses
• 5 group coaching sessions
• 1 goal – to give you the most indepth brand archetype training so that you can build a brand with personality.

On completion you will be extended an invitation to become a Wizard on the Brand Magic Licence and to join The Circle.

Your logo is not your brand! So what is? Join our How to build a brand that clients will fall in love with to find out:

  • Learn exactly what branding is
  • Understand all 12 brand personalities
  • Your essential brand elements such as brand voice, brand story, colours etc
  • Leveraging brand culture and brand experience
Length: 1hr 15min

We take a look at brand personalities, the psychology of colour and the meaning of shapes. 

  • You will learn about the 12 Brand Archetypes with examples.
  • Understand the meaning of colour and the emotions they evoke.
  • Learn about shapes and what each one subconsciously means.
  • 13 downloadable resources.

Length: 1hr 10min

If there are only 3 things that you focus on for building an engaged and connected brand, then these 4 P’s are it:

  • You will learn what branding actually is
  • about brand archetypes and their role
  • how to truly resonate with your customers
  • the one asset in your business that can make all the difference

Length: 17min

Are you building a business brand or a personal brand? How do you do this effectively without causing confusion. 

Length: 14min

We hear the terms marketing and branding being bantered around together too readily, which causes confusion as to what is what.

Length: 15min