The Ruler's purpose in life is to be a role model

The Ruler takes control and is motivated by maintaining high standards and priding themselves on being a leader in their industry. They want to create an environment of prosperity, security and stability. They are a big believer that rules are meant to be kept and that policy and procedures are necessary to maintain order.

Your Desire

having full control

Your Goal

create a prosperous, successful family or community

Your Strategy

exercise power and influence

Your Motto

power isn't everything, it's the only thing

Your Fear

chaos, being overthrown

Your Achilles Heel

being authoritarian, unable to delegate

I never lose. Either I win or I learn.

The Ruler archetype may be right for your brand identity if:

  • it is a high-status product used by powerful people to enhance their power
  • it makes people more organised
  • it offers a lifetime guarantee
  • it empowers people to maintain or enhances their grip on power
  • it has a regulatory or protective function
  • is moderately to high priced
  • you want to differentiate it from more populist brands or one that is a clear leader in the field
  • it is a market leader that offers a sense of security and stability in a chaotic world
  • helps people become more organised, restore order, create more stability and security in a chaotic world.

Brand Culture

organised and in control, leadership focused

Brand Voice

lower speech, deep baritone voice

Brand Experience

sophisticated, very professional and structured

Ruler Archetype Examples


Do you buy a Mercedes Benz because of its crash test rating? What about its gas mileage? It's heated seats? No. You buy a Mercedes-Benz because you can afford to, and most other people can’t.

Whenever you park your car, people will understand your status without you saying a word. That quietly understood value is what a Ruler brand sells.


Every Rolex tells a story and this is exactly what they do in their adverts – they tell the stories of people who have achieved and are role models.

You don’t just get a Rolex for no reason. After 30 years in a company, reaching the pinnacle of your career or achieving a massive goal – Rolex watches are for a privileged few. A sophisticated brand reserved for only the best of the best.

Rolex is present at the most prestigious events in tennis, golf, sailing, motorsport and equestrian tournaments. Given the longevity and strength of these relationships, Rolex is seen not merely as a sponsor... but also as a partner. Watch their adverts and hear the stories as every Rolex tells a story (oh and they happen to also tell the time).

Other Ruler Brands

Personal Brand Examples

Harvey Spectre
Hillary Clinton
Harvey Spectre
Queen Victoria

Ruler Brand Colours






Ruler Archetype Imagery

Meet the Archetypes

Based on the concepts of 12 Personality Archetypes by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, we believe that in modern society these 12 Archetypes can be effectively utilised in branding a business, and give them attributes that can enhance or cement their message. These personalities are based on different motivations for the observer.