The Explorer’s purpose in life is to enjoy freedom, adventure and discovery

The Explorer is constantly seeking self-realisation. They want to discover, explore and be themselves. They yearn for freedom, being able to be who they want to be without boundaries. Explorers need to have purpose or meaning in their life. By exploring and learning from the world around it, The Explorer strives to answer the big life questions such as “Why am I here? What is my purpose?” The Explorer is focused on self-discovery and self-sufficiency and achieves this through being curious, adventurous and intrepid.

Your Desire

the freedom to explore and discover

Your Goal

to enjoy an exciting and fulfilling life

Your Strategy

discover the road less travelled

Your Motto

blaze your own trail

Your Fear

feeling trapped

Your Achilles Heel

aimless wandering, not able to commit

The Explorer archetype may be right for your brand identity if:

  • your business is rugged and sturdy or for use in the great outdoors or in dangerous settings
  • can be purchased from a catalogue or on the Internet
  • helps people express their individuality
  • can be purchased for consumption on the go
  • it wants to differentiate themselves from a successful regular guy/gal brand or conformist brand
  • it has an explorer culture that creates new and exciting products or experiences
  • is exciting, risk-taking and authentic.
The Explorer Brand Personality Archetype - The Creative Fringe Website example

Brand Culture

curious, explorative and exciting

Brand Voice

energetic, enthusiastic and questioning

Brand Experience

excitement and adventure

The Explorer Mood Board and Brand Voice

The Explorer Brand Personality Archetype

The Explorer Family Members

The Explorer family is comprised of the main Explorer Brand Personality with six family members that you may feel fit your brand better. These slight variations on The Explorer provide more of a niche, honed version of the personality. Remember, this is not about what you do but rather about how you do it and how you make people feel.

Explorer Archetype Examples


“This seat is reserved for the restless. Those that can hardly sit still. This seat is not for spectators.”

‘Don’t Hold Back’ has cemented Jeep securely as The Explorer Brand Personality.

Showcasing their drivers discovering and exploring remote parts of the world or just going on epic adventures, Jeep appeals to the individual who craves freedom and wants to explore the great outdoors.


The GoPro is an adrenaline junky’s accessory of choice. Capturing every heart stopping and eye watering moment, GoPro has cemented themselves with adventure seekers.

In this advert GoPro shares the top 45 video snippets that became part of their Million Dollar Challenge. They asked their weekend warriors, creative geniuses and thrill seekers, to capture HERO8 Black or MAX videos for the shot at splitting $1,000,000. Over 4 months, adventurers submitted 42,000 clips.

This video celebrates the world’s most versatile cameras plus the global family that puts them to work, capturing life’s most exciting moments.

Other Explorer Brands

Personal Brand Examples

Richard Branson - Character Example of The Explorer Brand Personality Archetype
Steve Irwin - Character Example of The Explorer Brand Personality Archetype
Indiana Jones - Character Example of The Explorer Brand Personality Archetype

The Explorer Brand Colours

Spring bud

Explorer Archetype Imagery

Redhead Car Window - Character Image of The Explorer Brand Personality Archetype
Hiker - Character Image of The Explorer Brand Personality Archetype
Bird in the Hand - Character Image of The Explorer Brand Personality Archetype
Highway Interchange - Character Image of The Explorer Brand Personality Archetype
Scuba diving - Character Image of The Explorer Brand Personality Archetype
Compass - Character Image of The Explorer Brand Personality Archetype

Use your 5 Senses to enhance The Entertainer Brand

A great brand experience will touch on as many of the five senses as possible. Be imaginative and see how you can implement as many touch points as possible into your branding to create a memorable brand experience.


Natural light, earthy colours, big skies, deep oceans, sheer cliff faces, dizzying heights, the great outdoors and exotic destinations. Fast movement and adrenaline-pumping activities coupled with slow-motion capture the thrill of the adventure. Interiors are usually of a minimalist nature as this Brand Personality does not plan to spend much time indoors. Natural fibres such as woven mats and linen will complement this brand well.


High-energy, heart-pumping music, natural or exotic sounds. Silence.


The Explorer fits in mostly with ‘Earth’ based scents that on the Michael Edwards Fragrance Wheel (see diagram in Chapter 16) include Aromatic, Dry and Mossy Woods. These fragrances remind people of the outdoors or nature. Try distinctively fresh and clean scents such as eucalyptus, peppermint or coriander. Fragrances that are musky, earthy or crisp work well for sporty fragrances – vetiver, patchouli and lime. For a more masculine scent, look toward woods such as cedarwood, cypress and myrrh. The smell of mushrooms, the scents of green grass and open fire.


Flavours from around the world. Explorers have a clear preference for savoury dishes and generally appreciate spices. It wouldn’t be surprising to find Explorer brands that would offer up brains, tarantula or mopani worms. You will find them sipping on a coffee, chai, a good whisky, cognac or red wine.


Anything natural – water, stone, grass, plants, sand, wool, linen

Smell is a very emotive sense. Few things can take us back to a specific time and place as a particular scent. It can create a mood from the second you encounter it. 

We have broken the Michael Edwards Fragrance Wheel into quadrants – Earth, Water, Wind and Fire.

Earth: Calm and authentic, these scents are refined and sophisticated. They are very grounded, strong and determined.
Brand Personalities: The Explorer, The Ruler, The Sage

Water: Lively and charming, while cheerful and full of ideas, the Water quadrant sparks spontaneity, laughter, festivity. Filled with energy and vitality, these scents are direct, unpretentious and sparkling.
Brand Personalities: The Entertainer, The Hero, The Neighbour

Air: Gentle, sensitive and dreamy, Air scents have a maternal discretion and reserved nature. They also reflect creative characters, gentle strength and determination.
Brand Personalities: The Caregiver, The Creator, The Innocent

Fire: Seductive, moody and impossible to forget. Fire scents evoke a sense of mystery, intrigue and attraction.
Brand Personalities: The Magician, The Rebel, The Seducer

Meet the Archetypes

Based on the concepts of 12 Personality Archetypes by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, we believe that in modern society these 12 Archetypes can be effectively utilised in branding a business, and give them attributes that can enhance or cement their message. These personalities are based on different motivations for the observer.