The Everyman's purpose in life is to be accepted and belong

This also results in The Everyman accepting and embracing others. They like being around people who know and accept them and enjoy good-natured humour and laidback charm. Welcoming and inviting, The Everyman is often family focused and generally serves a basic need that is not extravagant or over the top.

Your Desire

to be dependable and trustworthy

Your Goal

to belong

Your Motto

community and family are everything

Your Strategy

to be down to earth and a straight shooter

Your Fear

to be left out

Your Achilles Heel

losing one's own self in an effort to blend in

Worrying = waste of time.
Good and bad things will happen in life.
You just have to keep living and not stress over what you can’t control.

The Everyman archetype (also known as the neighbour) may be right for your brand identity if:

  • it gives people a sense of belonging
  • it has an everyday functionality
  • it has low to moderate prices
  • is produced by a solid company with a down-home organisational culture
  • it needs to be differentiated in a positive way from more elitist or higher-priced brands
  • it has the common touch, solid virtues and gives a sense of belonging.

Brand Culture

to work hard & make people feel valued

Brand Voice

laid back, unpretentious and straight shooter

Brand Experience

make people feel included and valued

Everyman Archetype Examples


If there is one brand that embraces The Everyman attributes, it's Toyota.

Unpretentious, down to earth and practical, this advert shows how the Toyota brand is not part of a hierarchy, that everyone is equal, part of a team and included.

Their vehicles are for all people no matter what your religion, ethnicity or profession. The fact that everyone is meeting at a football game is a further emphasis of this archetype.

Other Everyman Brands

Personal Brand Examples

Julia Roberts
Matt Damon
Julia Roberts
Scotty Cam

The Everyman Brand Colours






Everyman Archetype Imagery

Meet the Archetypes

Based on the concepts of 12 Personality Archetypes by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, we believe that in modern society these 12 Archetypes can be effectively utilised in branding a business, and give them attributes that can enhance or cement their message. These personalities are based on different motivations for the observer.