Imagine a tool that not only pays for itself, 
but also generates qualified leads
and passive income

A tool that gives your customers clarity and confidence in their branding decisions,
even if they have no idea what branding is.

Here’s the truth. Quite often business owners think their brand is their logo. But you know different. You know that branding is more than a nice colour palette and a fancy graphic.

It’s a connection, a psychological link between a business and it’s consumer. It’s about messaging and reputation.

It’s a personality.
A business with its own personality.
A brand personality. 

The problem is, as creatives we can see this gap, but our customers can’t.
Sometimes it can be really hard to demonstrate the inconsistencies in our clients branding. And it can be really difficult when our clients don’t know what personality or archetype their brand has, or should have. The flow on effect is a client who can’t see the overall vision for their branding decisions and therefore the value of our services.

We want to help with that.


  • What if you could skip the (complimentary) branding session and instead have an educated prospect come to you already aware of what their brand stands for, it’s messaging, and it’s aesthetics?
  • What if your prospect had confidence and clarity in their branding choices? So you could use your time together making the decisions that count, creating value for both them and yourself?
  • What if there was an interactive tool that could help your prospect discover their brand’s unique personality? Better yet, what if this tool generated passive income for you?

You heard it. A qualified (informed) lead, who’s already paid you for the initial branding experience. Without a second of your time. Priceless right?

But don’t just take our word for it. Hear from Jen Bowers from Pink Pom Pom who has been an Early Adopter on our system for the last 6 months.

Enter the Brand Personalities Quiz

The answer to your clients’ branding woes, and your answer to working with clients who value and appreciate your expertise.

The power of a quiz is unmistakable. Think about it: what do people like to learn about? Themselves, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want to know a little more about their hidden personality – both personally, and in business?

This is why over 3000 people from 32 different countries have played and loved the Brand Personalities quiz.

Are you perhaps a little curious as to what your personality might be?

How it works for the player

The quiz takes the player through a series of fun and interactive questions… and voilà, in a matter of seconds the player receives feedback on their personality type. You’ve now equipped the player to move forward with you – as they may now know their Brand Personality – but they don’ tknow what to do with it. This is where you come in, armed with everything needed to create a cohesive brand experience.

Here’s a snippet of what they will learn:


understanding 'who' the brand is creates a strong strategy for the brand


knowing 'how' the brand should sound makes copywriting and headlines easier


brand personalities makes selecting colours a cinch!


whether it is team photos or stock images, personality is key


your leads will realise that there's a lot more to branding than imagined


don't work for your client, work with them for a better connection


How Brand Magic® works…

Sign up to the Brand Personalities license

Log into your dashboard and get the license code

Embed the quiz code into your website

Invite people to discover their Brand Personality

Generate leads, better client connection and increased $$

How does this benefit you?

  • This tool not only pays for itself, but also generates qualified leads and passive income
  • It delivers you an audience of segmented buyers, so you can pick and choose who you want to work with based on their branding needs
  • This quiz starts the buying journey with your prospect and sets the tone for your future relationship together
  • An enticing tool to build your email list with high-quality leads
  • Access to IP that has been developed over a decade of hands on experience
  • A strategy based system that enables you to charge more
  • Did we say this tool can easily pay for itself, AND then some?

What is Brand Personalities?

We developed the Brand Personalities quiz using psychologist Carl Jung’s 12 personality archetype profiles. These are personalities that we all subconsciously know and understand.

Thing is, as creatives we know a brand needs to have a personality. However, we also know that sometimes our clients can find it difficult to uncover that personality, and what it means for their branding decisions. And frankly just picking one and hoping for the best is not a decent strategy.

With the Brand Personalities license, we’ve done all the hard work for you. This quiz helps the client be a part of the discovery process.

Who is Brand Personalities for?

The Brand Personalities license to help creatives who work with brands.

From designers to photographers, copywriters and marketers.

Having the power of this license will allow you to distinguish you from the rest. You’re no longer ‘just’ a creative; you’re now a problem solver of unbelievable magnitude! And you can charge accordingly for that experience. Fact.

A word from the creator of the Brand Personalities License.

Frequently asked questions

The all important question! Of course that depends on what level of access you’d like. However, what if we told you there is a free option? You probably wouldn’t believe it, so perhaps coming along to the info Zoom is now more important than ever.

Once again, that depends on what level access you choose. You could earn $20 or $30 every time someone plays the quiz from your website.

The Brand Personalities license contract term is for a year.

It is important to read our license agreement, but in a nutshell, the annual/monthly license subscription will give you access to:

  • embed the quiz into your website
  • all of the leads generated through your website quiz
  • access to marketing content
  • access to supporting IP relating to Brand Personalities
  • our Facebook community
  • networking amoungst other creatives

If you choose not to renew your license after the end of the year, you will no longer be permitted to use the personalities content in any form.

You do. No one else has access to the contacts other than you.

Once again that depends on your level of subscription. However we do have a library of videos that take you through your dashboard and how to set up your quiz and manage your account.

Yes! Depending on your level of subscription we have a ‘Ready to Launch Program’ that you can access to get up and running. We also have a Brand Personalities Academy that will be available in 2022. There is also our Facebook community that is very connected and informative.

This system is designed to support creatives who work in the branding industry. This includes but is not limited to:

  • brand strategists
  • graphic designers
  • copywriters
  • photographers
  • marketers
  • business coaches

Brand Personalities is a licensed product of Brand Magic Pty Ltd. Any misuse of this content or IP will result in legal action.

Collaboration is the key to communal success.